ATACdb: a comprehensive human chromatin accessibility database


ENdb: an experimentally supported enhancer database for human and mouse


A comprehensive human gene expression profile database with TF knockdown/knockout (KnockTF), which provides a large number of available resources of human gene expression profile datasets associated with TF knockdown/knockout and annotates TFs and their target genes in a tissue/cell type-specific manner.


LncSEA: a comprehensive human lncRNA sets resource and enrichment analysis platform.


SEanalysis: a web tool for super-enhancer associated regulatory analysis


SEdb: the comprehensive human Super-Enhancer database


Users can obtain the number of datasets per knock-method


Users can submit a gene list to extract a transcriptional regulatory subnetwork.
This subnetwork consists of the submitted genes and their one-step neighbors within TF-differentially expressed gene network.


Users can submit a gene list and set (FDR adjusted) P-value to perform TF enrichment.


TRCirc: a resource for transcriptional regulation information of circRNAs


TRlnc: a comprehensive database of human transcriptional regulation of lncRNAs


VARAdb: a variation annotation database for human