Private Dashboard

Private dashboard is freely available to scientists and allows scientists to gain access to publish a host of tools and information.  To enjoy these tools and services, please register first. Scientists can keep the information that they enter into different platforms of the dashboard privately, share them with the list of colleagues in their contact list or share them with the public. The tools and services of the dashboard will continue to grow. Current list of such tools and services are included below.



Private Dashboard


Keep your profile that you provide at the time of registration private or share it with your contacts or with the public


Advertise your announcement, and products and services that are available in your lab. 


Use this platform to publish formal or informal diary-style entries. 


Keep list of your activities in a calendar.


Publish the upcoming conferences that you are creating and provide the information with specific colleagues or the public. 


Keep a list of contacts and colleagues that you can use to send them information.


Present jobs that you are seeking or offering to others. 


Present newsworthy information about your lab or other ground-breaking information in this platform. 

Opinion Share

Share your scientific opinions and your provocative ideas with your colleagues or the public, and pose questions that have been on your mind for which you are seeking the opinions of others. 


Create information series of digital audio and video files from your private dashboard. 


Share your papers with colleagues or the public. These can be papers that you have recently published such as unedited copy of your accepted papers, are funded by granting agencies such as NIH or papers that for unjust reasons were not accepted for publication or those that include negative findings that might be of value to preventing others to do similar experiments.  


Reference platform offers a variety of indicators,  other information  and links useful to scientists in their day to day activities. Contact us if you wish to add any item or database to this platform.


This site catalogues the list of factors that have the potential to rejuvenate (rejuvenin) or to induce aging (geriatrin), evident at the cellular and clinical levels. Use the tools in your dashboard to add your own rejuvenin or geriatrins.

Send Email

Emails and share any other pertinent information with all or a group of your collaborators.


Include any scientific asset in this platform for sale. There is no limit in what you can advertise, from your second hand equipments, to rare reagents, diagrams, presentations, lectures, constructs or animal models.


Offer your services including editing of grants, papers, patents, consultation, collaboration or any other service that a laboratory can offer. 

Share History

Keep your activities at the site private or share it with the group of your collaborators or with the public.


Logout if you wish to leave your private dashboard.


Note:You can keep any information that you provide in your private dashboard privately, share them with the list of contacts and colleagues in your private dashboard or share them with the public.