FBS Res Institute
Frontiers in Bioscience is a non-profit organization that was launched in 1996. Frontiers in Bioscience created the Frontiers in Bioscience Research Institute in Aging and Cancer in 2011 with the mission geared towards helping humanity on a grand scale as we learn as why cancer and stem cells are immortal and use this knowledge to treat cancer and to overcome aging. Treatment of cancer has been traditionally founded on the basis of killing cancer cells with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. However, such treatment strategies are often very disabling to the patient and they also reduce the immunity and sometimes cause death by infection. Moreover, over a long term, the cancer can recur and such recurrent disease commonly leads to death. A better strategy is to force these cells to differentiate, akin to what these cells do when they enter an embryonic environment. We also learn as how cancer cells attain immortality and use this knowledge to impart rejuvenating effect in somatic cells.