Combined access to all three ABI/INFORM business databases: ABI/INFORM Global, ABI/INFORM Trade and Industry, and ABI/INFORM Dateline.
Full text articles from major business tabloids, magazines, daily newspapers, wire services, etc. Also searchable within ABI/INFORM Complete.
Business-related articles, dissertations, briefings, data, and reports. Also searchable within ABI/INFORM Complete.
Full text access to more than 750 business periodicals and newsletters with a trade or industry focus. Also searchable within ABI/INFORM Complete.
Covers psychology of aging, elder abuse, society and the elderly, and other key areas of relevance to the discipline, 1999-present.
  • Open access for all users
International directory of newspapers and news media.
Keyword(s): World news
1980-present. Peer-reviewed, full-text articles from leading journals and reference sources. Physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, arts, theology, literature and other subjects. Millions of articles available. Updated daily.
Scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database, with thousands of peer-reviewed journals. monographs, reports, conference proceedings, etc.
Offers nearly 70,000 streamed videos in a wide range of subject areas. Includes documentaries, feature films, news programs, and more.
Newspapers from Michigan, the United States, and worldwide.
Complete online access to McGraw-Hill's Engineering Handbooks.
Provides full text, searchable access to important American magazines and newspapers from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Complete suite of clinical and educational content from leading books, including Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 17th ED. Updated daily.
Physical therapy textbooks, videos, an interactive cadaver dissection tool, NPTE review, and more.
Multimedia encyclopedia and dictionary covering all major scientific disciplines.
1991-present. Bibliographic citations of United Nations documents and publications. Indexes UN documents since 1966, including Official Records, sales publications, masthead documents.
Online collection of several thousand books of high quality in the humanities.
Full-text archive of Association for Computing Machinery publications, including journals, magazines, transactions, proceedings, and newsletters. Covers 1954-present.
  • Open access for all users
National cross-industry measure of customer satisfaction in the United States. Measures the satisfaction of U.S. household consumers with products and services offered by firms with significant share in U.S. markets.
A collection of documents examining the lives of saints, organized according to each saint's feast day; covers publication 1643-1940. Contains the entire Acta Sanctorum, including all prefatory material, original texts, critical apparatus and indices.
Hints and tips on using the features and functionality contained within Adam Matthew products to aid research and teaching. Includes video tutorials on subjects such as applying filters and performing a search, and information on accessibility, terms of use, and privacy.
A suite of Adam Matthew digital primary collections sourced from around the world.
  • Open access for all users
Advertising Educational Foundation, a nonprofit organization, provides this website to enrich the understanding of advertising and its role in culture, society and the economy.
Search and download PDFs of articles and papers from the Audio Engineering Society from 1953 to the present.
16th century - present. Includes content from South African Studies, African Studies, and African HealthLine, covering all areas of scholarship of Africa.
Biographical information, including photographs and illustrations, of African Americans.
Primary sources predominantly from Atlanta, Chicago, St Louis, Brooklyn, and towns and cities in North Carolina.
Newspapers and magazines from 1816 through 1992, in addition to reports and annuals from various African-American organizations, including churches and educational and service institutions.
Created from the most extensive African American newspaper archives in the United States, viz., those of the Wisconsin Historical Society, Kansas State Historical Society, and the Library of Congress.
170 wide-ranging periodicals by and about African Americans, published in 26 states. Includes academic & political journals, commercial magazines, institutional newsletters, organizations' bulletins, annual reports, and other genres.
Covers the history of black American poetry, from its beginnings through the 20th century.
  • Open access for all users
Retrospective digitization project of full-text journal articles published in Africa. Journal articles hosted on the Archive extend back to the first issue (if available) and end with the last pre-current issue.
  • Open access for all users
AJOL is the world's largest online collection of African-published, peer-reviewed scholarly journals.
Historical African newspapers, Dates range from 1800 - 1924
Guides and resources for subjects relating to Africa.
Over 250 volumes of fiction, poetry, drama, and non-fictional prose from Heinemann's African Writers Series, which published the key texts of modern African literature for over 40 years.
  • Open access for all users
Digitized collections of books, sheet music, pamphlets, documents, narratives, images, & other materials.
  • Open access for all users
A selection of published works, including poetry, fiction, essays, and biographies & autobiographies.
Essential books, pamphlets, & broadsides, including many lesser-known imprints, covering African-American history, literature and culture.
Explores five centuries of journeys across the globe, scientific discoveries, the expansion of European colonialism, conflict over territories and trade routes, and decades-long search and rescue attempts in this multi-archive collection.
  • Open access for all users
Free, open-access repository of full-text scholarly literature on agricultural and applied economics. Includes working papers, conference papers and journal articles. Includes topics such as food security and poverty, land economics, agricultural and food policy, and food safety.
1978-present; selective coverage 1966-1977. Covers health sciences, psychology, sociology, social work, economics, and public policy relating to persons 50 & older.
  • Open access for all users
Health care data and materials for training health care providers.
1970-present. Agriculture, animal sciences, horticulture, hydrology.
Extensive coverage of environmental science and related disciplines, and including scholarly journals, trade and industry journals, magazines, technical reports, conference proceedings, and government publications.
Patient drug information, available in both English and Spanish. Updated monthly.
Articles and abstracts in arts and architecture, biographical profiles, and information on posters.
Academic journals and dissertations published in Taiwan and China, in Chinese or English, published in the U.S.A., Hong Kong, Malaysia, and other countries. Covers six main categories: Humanities, Basic & Applied Sciences, Health & Medical Care, Bio-Agriculture, Engineering, and Social Sciences.
Correspondence from the British diplomatic corps in Russia on the "retro-reform" policy, including the increase of revolutionary agitation, deepening of conservatism and changes from agrarian to industrial society, and spread of pan-Slavism, both in the Russian Empire and Eastern Europe.
Combined search platform for ASP text, audio, and video collections.
Streaming videos and documentaries.
Full-text alternative health research database focused on complementary, holistic and integrated approaches to health care and wellness. It offers the latest information about the evolving practice of holistic medicine and therapies
1970-present. Articles from the alternative & independent presses.
1991-present. Covers anarchism, democracy, ecology, feminism, gay & lesbian issues, indigenous peoples, labor, national liberation, socialism. Updated quarterly.
Tracks "mentions" on the web in various sources (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.). Browse, search, and query mentions of publications and other output by researchers at U-M and elsewhere.
Style guide for the American Medical Association (11th edition).
FBI documents on Vietnam Veterans Against the War, 1967-1975.
Stories of American military personnel and civilians during the Second World War.
Database of literature written 1955-present covering the history and culture of the United States and Canada, from prehistory to the present.
Searchable monographs, pamphlets, broadsides, government documents, and ephemera. Includes series I, II, & supplements (1639-1819) and Afro-Americana Imprints, 1535-1922.
1690-1998. Searchable digital facsimiles of thousands of titles from all 50 states. Alternate title: Early American Newspapers.
1975-present. Annual record of books, manuscripts, autographs, maps and broadsides sold at auction. Regions covered include North America and the UK, with sales from such other countries as Switzerland, Germany, Monaco, Holland, Australia, and France.
Over 30,000 broadsides and ephemeral publications, 1749-1900.
Provides full-text access to scholarly journals in chemistry and chemical engineering published or hosted by the American Chemical Society.
This collection of primary sources documents twentieth-century consumer culture in the United States, covering these key subjects: market research and its psychology; the process of advertising; and the actual goods manufactured and consumed.
Publications from the colonial period through to the twentieth century.
Documentary films & newsreels of significant events in U.S. history, 1492-2001, and filmed 1898-2010.
Manuscripts and individual item collections from the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
Manuscripts, artwork, and rare printed books dating from the earliest contact with European settlers right up to photographs and newspapers from the mid-twentieth century. Rare and original documents from treaties, speeches, and diaries, to historic maps and travel journals.
Biographies, events & topics, primary sources, timelines, images & videos, maps & charts.
Indigenous journalism from communities in the United States and Canada, 1828 to 2016.
1920-present (varies by title). JAMA and other journals of the American Medical Association.
  • Open access for all users
Digital record of music in American history from the Library of Congress, including texts, sound recordings, images, prints, and sheet music.
Profiles of more than 18,000 men and women from all eras and walks of American life who have influenced and shaped American history and culture. Includes thousands of illustrations, linked cross-references, and links to select web sites. 1999 ed., updated quarterly.
1740-1940. Special interest & general magazines; literary & professional journals; children's & women's magazines; other historically significant periodicals.
Includes Physical Review Letters (1958-present); Physical Review Focus (1998-present); Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators & Beams (1998-present); Physical Review Special Topics - Physics Education Research (2005-present).
  • Open access for all users
Database containing over 100,000 documents relating to the presidency. Focus on the public papers from the 20th and 21st centuries.
  • Open access for all users
5000+ full text, audio and video versions of public speeches, sermons, legal proceedings, lectures, debates, interviews, other recorded media events.
  • Open access for all users
Searchable transcriptions of Works Progress Administration interviews of ex-slaves made in the late 1930s.
Sources from the Everett D. Graff collection at the Newberry Library, Chicago. Includes a wide range of primary source materials on Native Americans, pioneers and explorers, homesteaders and cattle ranchers, on all aspects of the history of the western United States and Canada.
American history, literature, and cultural primary sources, spanning five centuries.
Also known as Analytical WebBase, Analytical Abstracts is the premier current awareness and information retrieval service in analytical chemistry. Covers 1980-present.
Virtual anatomy dissection software.
The Annual Review of Anthropology, in publication since 1972, covers significant developments in the subfields of Anthropology, including archaeology, biological anthropology, linguistics and communicative practices, regional studies and international anthropology, and sociocultural anthropology.
Authoritative, analytic reviews of research in 29 focused disciplines within the Biological & Medical, Physical, and Social Sciences.
  • Open access for all users
Ethnographies, field notes, texts, memoirs, and films on diverse cultures.
Electronic archive of journals published by the American Anthropological Association (AAA), most with full text from vol. 1-present.
  • Open access for all users
Collection of historical and contemporary photos.
Full text of several multi-volume handbooks from the American Psychological Association.
Research and development within the applied sciences and computing disciplines, from academic journals and trade journals, professional and technical society journals, and conference proceedings.
Includes: America's Historical Newspapers, 1690-1922; America's Historical Imprints; Afro-Americana Imprints from the Library Company of Philadelphia, 1535-1922; African American Newspapers, 1827-1998; African American Periodicals, 1825-1995; Hispanic American Newspapers, 1808-1980.
  • Open access for all users
Guide to historical records, personal papers, and family histories held in archives around the world
Archives Direct is a suite of collections sourced from The National Archives, Kew, the official archive of the United Kingdom.
Primary sources on social, political, health, and legal issues impacting LGBTQ communities around the world. Includes newspapers, manuscripts, government records, organizational papers, correspondence, and posters.
Topically-focused digital collections of historical documents.
Primary source collections.
Primary text collections.
Collections of primary sources in U.S. business, labor, and economic history.
Primary source collections, particularly covering gay and lesbian history.
Primary sources from the collections Correspondence from German Concentration Camps and Prisons and Jewish Underground Resistance: The David Diamant Collection, 1939-1945.
Primary text collections, including many U.S. State Department documents relating to Latin America.
Primary source collections from the 19th and 20th centuries.
Primary sources from the collections American Indian Correspondence: Presbyterian Historical Society Collection of Missionaries' Letters, 1833-1893 and American Indian Movement and Native American Radicalism.
1800 to present. Covers a wide variety of sources from multiple disciplines on cold regions anywhere, including the poles, temperate regions with cold winters, and the Himalayas of Tibet.
The largest full-text art research database covering fine, decorative and commercial art, architecture and architectural design. Strong international coverage, art journals, magazines and books, detailed indexing and abstracts, and thousands of images.
A collection of documentaries and interviews illustrating the history, theory and practice of art, design, and architecture.
1984-present. Archaeology, architecture, art history, city planning, computer applications & graphics, crafts, film, folk art, graphic arts, industrial & interior design, landscape, museology, painting, photography, sculpture, television, textiles, video.
Collection of historical content pertaining to U.S. Hispanic history, literature and culture from colonial times until 1960. Includes manuscript, book, and newspaper content.
French texts, primarily in literature and philosophy.
1990-present. Includes items listed on the table of contents pages of journals in business, humanities, medicine, popular culture, science, social science, technology.
  • Open access for all users
Online art auctions with associated images. This commercial site provides art valuation along with auction histories.
Covers over 10,000 of the highest impact journals worldwide, including Open Access journals and over 110,000 conference proceedings. Mobile app available.
Over 1.5 million digital images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and sciences.
  • Open access for all users
Open access to e-prints in physics, mathematics, non-linear science, computer science, and quantitative biology
Independent feature films from across Asia.
East Asian newspapers in English, and film & newsreel scripts and periodicals in Chinese.
Search across ASM property data, performance charts, and processing guidelines for specific metals and alloys. Includes five content areas: Data Sheets & Diagrams, Alloy Finder, Materials Property Database, Coatings Data and Corrosion Data.
Searchable database containing more than 39,200 binary and ternary alloy phase diagrams, each with their associated crystal and reaction data. Also includes all inorganic systems.
Features case histories along with authoritative handbook information on failure mechanisms and analysis methods. Enables you to find specific information to help you quickly solve your own failure analysis or materials performance issues.
Contains all the data and information from the 20 volumes of the ASM Handbook series. Provides practical information and data about the selection, processing, performance, and analysis of structural materials, especially metals and alloys.
Comprehensive collection of micrograph images and associated data, with an emphasis on micrographs for industrially important alloys.
American Society of Mechanical Engineers' primary repository of current and archival literature.
Late twentieth century AP office archives from bureaus in Europe and the Middle East.
  • Open access for all users
Open access index of articles in astronomy, astrophysics, and space sciences.
  • Open access for all users
"This interactive atlas from the United Nations Environment Programme provides useful information to all interested in both natural and human-made changes in our planet over the last 30-40 years."
Maps from antiquity to the present, including USGS topographic maps of the U.S. states. The maps can be viewed, downloaded, and printed without restriction.
Important dramatic works in streaming audio from one of the nation's premiere radio theater companies.
Collection of downloadable e-audio books.
Information on automobile repair for models 1974 and after.


Online library of digitized scores and streamed audio recordings of contemporary music by international composers.
  • Open access for all users
Time series data from 1948. The data summarizes, for a specific period, the economic transactions of an economy with the rest of the world.
Videos of head-to-toe and systems-based physical examination techniques for advanced assessment or introduction to clinical medicine courses.
Articles from newspapers & wire services around the globe. Dates of coverage vary; usually late 1990s or early 2000s to present.
Keyword(s): World news
  • Open access for all users
News articles and videos from the British Broadcasting Corporation.
Keyword(s): World news
Streaming video of all the plays of Shakespeare. Originally broadcast on BBC2 between 1978 and 1985.
Market research reports and market forecasting in advanced materials, biotechnology, chemicals, energy, healthcare, sensors, plastics, nanotechnology, and other emerging technologies. Over 250 research reports published annually.
Books and journals in engineering and biological sciences.
  • Open access for all users
Letters, diaries, and recollections of Michigan men and their units in thee Civil War, as well as their friends and loved ones back home.
1985-present. All aspects of secondary literature in the areas of German language, linguistics, & literary studies.
Bibliographic data on historical writing about the British Isles and the Commonwealth for all periods from 55 B.C. to present. Content is primarily books and articles published since 1900.
A comprehensive record of scholarship on 738 known women writers and their texts, canonical and non-canonical. Including already familiar figures as well as less-known and hitherto unknown English women writers--refugees such as women recusants, women in the colonies, Marrano women (Anusot), and women translators and English women writers in French, Greek, Latin, Spanish, Gaelic and Welsh.
Citations to articles and books relating to all aspects of native North American culture and history.
  • Open access for all users
Citation databases on Art and Art History. Covers 1975-2007. For material published after 2007 see the International Bibliography of Art (IBA). Note that this resource provides citations but no full text.
Latin texts from Antiquity, Late Antiquity, and medieval and modern eras.
Collection of thousands of Pathway/Genome Databases (PGDBs), and software tools for exploring them.
  • Open access for all users
Books, journals, and other materials on biodiversity from a worldwide consortium of natural history, botanical, research, and national libraries. Provides free access to hundreds of thousands of volumes from the 15th to the 21st centuries.
Helps locate biographical entries contained in 1000+ volumes & editions of important biographical reference sources. Contains citations for 15M+ biographies on nearly 5M people, living and deceased, from all periods, locations, & fields.
Contains more than 600,000 biographies on more than 528,000 people from around the world and throughout history.
1984-present. Archaeology, architecture, art history, city planning, computer applications & graphics, crafts, film, folk art, graphic arts, industrial & interior design, landscape, museology, painting, photography, sculpture, television, textiles, video.
Articles on noteworthy individuals from antiquity to the present. Searchable by various criteria.
1983-present. Agriculture, animal husbandry, botany, cytology, ecology, entomology, environmental science, fishery sciences, food science, forestry, genetics, horticulture, microbiology, plant pathology, soil science, veterinary medicine, zoology.
  • Open access for all users
Open-access biomedical electronic journals. Articles are also immediately available on publication thru PubMed Central.
Comprehensive index to life sciences research literature. Covers journals (5000+), reports, meetings (1500+), reviews, and books in all areas of biology. Weekly email alerts available. Mobile app available.
Online database of over 10,000 bird species globally.
Primary sources documenting the extensive work of African Americans to abolish slavery in the U.S. before the Civil War.
Contains 1,460 full text English plays ca. 1850-present by more than 250 playwrights from North America, Africa, and the Caribbean.
1200 plays by 201 playwrights, together with detailed, fielded information on related productions, theaters, production companies, & more.
Black Historical Newspapers
Please visit the more comprehensive collection Black Studies Center, which contains all the newspapers in this collection, and more.
Includes approximately 8,000 previously published short stories as well as previously uncollected works and unpublished manuscripts. Fables and folktales are also widely represented within the collection.
Cross-searchable gateway to Black Studies including scholarly essays, periodicals, historical newspapers, and more.
Documentaries, newsreels, interviews, and archival footage covering history, politics, sociology, art, and culture.
1700 to present. African-American authors of works of non-fiction, including articles, books, interviews, journal articles, letters, & other formats, covering all aspects of the black experience.
Cross-searchable access to Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion online, e-books, reference works, images, and more.
2005-present. Allows cited reference searching of over 30,000 editorially selected books published since 2005 in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Mobile app available.
1983-present. English-language fiction & non-fiction books (excluding reviews of textbooks, government publications, and technical books in law & the sciences).
1965-present. Book reviews from refereed journals, general interest publications, & newspapers.
  • Open access for all users
A digital collection of 23 interviews of former slaves out of 2,300 taken by the Works Progress Administration. The full print collection can be found under the call number E441 .A58.
  • Open access for all users
1480-1950. Historic botanical literature from the Missouri Botanical Garden Library.
  • Open access for all users
Web collection of enzyme functional data, including nomenclature; organism, kinetics, isolation, stability, and reaction data; and more.
Gateway to databases and text collections focusing on Classical and Medieval European history.
Art images from 2,000 sources, 8,000 locations and 30,000 artists, including photography, fine art, engravings, sculpture, architecture, archaeology & ethnography, history, science & medicine, decorative arts, and artifacts
Topics include: Asian Studies; Biblical Studies, Ancient Near East and Early Christianity; Classical Studies; European History and Culture; Language and Linguistics; Middle East & Islamic Studies; Religious Studies, Theology, & Philosophy; Social Sciences.
The full text of thousands of book chapters and journal articles, covering the Humanities, International Law, and Biology.
Cross-searches many of Brill's online reference works. Focuses on history, language, and religion.
  • Open access for all users
Index of articles, reports, books, and book chapters.
Online collection of British literary manuscripts from the Middle Ages to 1900.
Documents related to British history, and the United Kingdom's role in the world.
Page images from hundreds of periodicals from the late seventeenth century to the early twentieth.
  • Open access for all users
Brooklyn Daily Eagle (1841-1955), Brooklyn Life (1890-1924), Brooklyn Life & Activities of Long Island Society (1924-1931), fully searchable.
Website and tablet app to browse, read and monitor thousands of journals available through the Thompson Library.
Full text access to standards from the British Standards Institution.
  • Open access for all users
Publication of the University of Michigan Museum of Art, the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, and the Department of the History of Art.
1982-present. Accounting, banking, communications, economics, finance, regulations, insurance, investments, marketing, oil & gas, personnel, retail trade, small business, taxation, specific businesses, specific industries, specific trades.
Provides concise yet comprehensive summaries of the best business books. With these summaries, professionals and students can keep up with the latest information in the business world and learn more effectively.
Detailed company and industry profiles including SWOT reports, market share reports, and financial reports.
Company profiles, brand information, rankings, investment reports, company histories, chronologies and periodicals, case studies, country profiles, statistical data, market research reports, news articles, academic journals and reference materials organized by country, company and industry.
1886-present. Case studies, company profiles, conference proceedings, country reports, financial data, industry reports, investment research reports, market research reports, monographs, SWOT analyses, trade journals. All aspects of business.


Directory providing publishing information on academic journals in multiple fields in the social sciences and humanities. Cabell's includes journals in the list based on multiple factors including peer review, licensing policies, integrity, fees, ethical guidelines, sponsorship, and more.
French and Belgian journals available online, covering general interest, history, literature, and philosophy.
  • Open access for all users
A freely accessible repository of digitized California newspapers from 1846 to the present.
Access to the full text of selected eBooks (about 700) from Cambridge University Press from multiple disciplines across science, technology, humanities, and social sciences.
Surveys a range of topics and approaches in the study of language variation and use in society.
Contains over 700 full-text volumes, in 15 subject areas, published from 1960-2014. Volumes consist of historical essays & bibliographies.
  • Open access for all users
Policy-related plain language summaries and policy briefs in the social sectors.
Data on a wide variety of social and economic aspects of Canadian life.
  • Open access for all users
Bilingual reference work on Canadian history, society, and culture.
  • Open access for all users
Digitized public domain books and newspapers from dozens of libraries in Canada.
Carbon disclosure data, from 2010 on.
Cardiovascular information and educational resource produced by the American College of Cardiology Foundation.
  • Open access for all users
Searchable database of the literature of philanthropy. It incorporates the unique contents of the Foundation Center's five libraries
  • Open access for all users
Searchable database of federal documents available through the Government Printing Office (GPO).
  • Open access for all users
Reviews of academic databases, websites, and tools for librarians, students, and faculty. Published by ALA/CHOICE and the Charleston Company.
  • Open access for all users
CDC links to vital statistics and records.
Allows you to generate and download detailed statistical data for the United States on numerous topics related to public health.
  • Open access for all users
Multidisciplinary K-12 STEM curricula.
  • Open access for all users
Congressional bills, statutes, debates ,journals.
Portal to several full-text American and English literature databases.
Publications and archives of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.
Electronic version of standard CCH looseleaf services covering tax, securities, banking, and trade law. Includes the CCH Federal Tax Service, IRS letter rulings, state tax reporters, Federal Securities Law Reporter, the Trade Regulation Reporter, the Government Contracts Reporter, current news, and more.
  • Open access for all users
Manually curated database of bioactive molecules with drug-like properties. It brings together chemical, bioactivity, and genomic data to aid the translation of genomic information into effective new drugs [from the website].
Monthly bulletin containing worldwide information on safety and health hazards surrounding chemicals encountered in the chemical and related industries.
  • Open access for all users
Free chemical structure database providing fast text and structure search access to over 32 million structures from hundreds of data sources.
An online version of the CMA 17th edition. All the content of the paper version, but also contains citation Quick Guide, Q&A, manuscript aids.
Current and historical literature related to growth and development of children through the age of 21.
  • Open access for all users
Provides research, data and other information related to adoption, child abuse and family-centered practice.
Rare books, games, ephemera, and artwork from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Authoritative automotive repair information. Thousands of year, make & model combinations covering the most popular vehicles of the past 30 years, plus specialty models. Information to service or repair virtually any system on your vehicle.
Digital archives of English-language periodicals published in, or about, China.
Comprehensive collection of government gazettes, bulletins, announcements, and proclamations from the People's Republic of China.
Cross-searchable English-language sources relating to China’s history, literature and culture, spanning three centuries from the 1800s to the modern era.
Covers ~10,000,000 articles in 25,000+ periodicals published 1911 - 1949 in China. Language: Chinese. Limited to one user at a time. Please log out when done (安全退出).
One-stop access to important reference works on Chinese history, literature, and culture. Includes lexical and encyclopedic information for beginners and advanced readers of classical Chinese texts.
Capsule reviews of academic books and resources 1987 - present; some articles.
  • Open access for all users
Home of the Choral Public Domain Library. Here you will find free choral/vocal scores, texts, translations, and other useful information.
Online edition of the weekly newspaper, plus data from the Almanac of Higher Education, blogs, job postings, etc. Covers 2015 - present.
  • Open access for all users
Digitized historic American newspapers published from 1836-1922 produced by the National Digital Newspaper Program.
Periodicals from the Church Missionary Society Archive
  • Open access for all users
Background historical, demographic, and other information on every country in the world as well as most territories.
Primary journal index for nursing and allied health professions.
Data on materials' properties.
  • Open access for all users
Database of scholarly citation metrics for documents in academic and trade journals, book series, and conference proceedings. Covers the previous three calendar years, with current-year data added monthly.
  • Open access for all users
Scientific literature digital library and search engine that focuses primarily on the literature in computer and information science.
Collection of documents relating to civil rights. Includes government reports, Congressional Committee documents and legislative histories, Supreme Court briefs, and some scholarly articles.
1975-present. Latin American journals and other sources in Spanish, Portuguese, French, & English.
  • Open access for all users
Up-to-date information for locating federally and privately supported clinical trials.
Collection of databases that contain different types of high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making.
  • Open access for all users
Browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox that finds the number of citations for articles in PubMed, as well as articles co-cited by the citing sources.
  • Open access for all users
"Codeacademy is an Internet start-up company that is trying to upend the entire traditional model of learning to [computer] program, since many novices have difficulty with conventional books, videos, classes,..." CHOICE card 50-1506 (November 2012)
Transcripts of oral recollections of important figures in the Cold War.
Digitized collection of Colonial Office files held at the UK National Archives.
Primary source documents from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries.
Comprehensive coverage of communication topics in Communication Abstracts and Communication & Mass Media Complete.
This ebook collection includes titles relevant to communications, cinema and media studies, advertising, public opinion, journalism, and mass media.
1884-present. Scientific and technical engineering research available, covering all engineering disciplines.
  • Open access for all users
Contains most of the official, public presidential papers through the Wilson administration (1921). (HathiTrust digitized book)
  • Open access for all users
Consists of the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents and the Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents, the official publications of materials released by the White House Press Secretary. 1993 - present
Electronic book on the profession of social work, human behavior in the social environment, social work practice, and social policy and policy practice.
More info  --  User's guide
Discipline-specific coverage spanning thousands of publications, many in full text. This database is also part of the broader Technology Collection.
Collection of Confederate Newspapers published from 1861 to 1865.
  • Open access for all users
Contains legislation from the 103rd Congress (1993) to the present, Congressional Record from 1995-present, Committee activities, and member profiles from the 93rd Congress (1973) to the present.
  • Open access for all users
Published daily when Congress is in session, the Congressional Record is the official record of the proceedings of Congress and includes edited transcriptions of debates and speeches.
  • Open access for all users
Documents prepared by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), which serves as nonpartisan shared staff to congressional committees and Members of Congress.
Information about medicine, pharmaceuticals, and health from reference books, reports, magazines and journals, and other sources. Includes illustrations and animations.
Full-text bio-bibliographical guide to over 149,000 current and recently prominent writers in all media.
  • Open access for all users
Downloadable open access scores to new music.
Fill out a form to request access to a data set of tax and every real estate transaction at the parcel level.
Health and medical research database for openly available content related to the COVID-19 outbreak.
Streaming video collection for the study of social work, psychotherapy, psychology, and counseling.
  • Open access for all users
Nationwide data on health indices by county. Includes statistics & rankings on mortality & morbidity, health behaviors, clinical care, social & economic factors, and physical environment.
Congressional activities, including original narrative accounts of every major piece of legislation that lawmakers considered during a congressional session.
Provides analysis of members of Congress, their legislative voting behavior, interest groups, and their interactions in crafting public policy. Also explains institutional and organizational history, the legislative process, and public policy decision-making.
Collection of directories, encyclopedias and guides on U.S. politics and policy from CQ Press.
In-depth, unbiased coverage of health, social trends, criminal justice, international affairs, education, the environment, technology, and the economy.
Historical analysis & commentary of Supreme Court decisions, biographies of Supreme Court justices, Supreme Court institutional history, & the U.S. Constitution.
1789-present. U.S. presidential, congressional, gubernatorial elections, campaigns, parties, voters, & voting demographics.
1983-present-In-depth reports on issues looming on the congressional horizon, plus a complete wrap up the previous week's news, including the status of bills in play, behind-the-scenes maneuvering, committee and floor activity, debates and all roll-call votes.
Entire content of the print edition of the CRC Handbook. Contains frequently used data in science, including the periodical table of the elements, basic constants and units, and geophysical data. Updated annually.
1968-present. Journals, books, and governmental & non-governmental reports.
Films and documentaries on current issues in the news.
1998-present. Indexes the tables of contents of thousands of scholarly journals, books, and conference proceedings in the fields of medicine, science, engineering, the arts, social sciences, and humanities. Mobile app available.
Collection of articles from key Chinese newspapers translated into English. Covers 2011-present.
Keywords: World news
A selection of Russian-language press materials, carefully translated into English. Covers 1949-present.
Keywords: World news
Bibliographic index to publications in statistics and related fields. Covers all articles from 106 core journals, selected articles from about 900 additional journals, and about 8000 books in statistics published since 1974.


Information on nearly 24 million companies, including large and mid-sized companies in the US, Canada, and worldwide
Digital version of the official organ of the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA)
Streaming video of dance productions and documentaries by the most influential performers and companies of the 20th century.
Documents regional aspects of English language usage in the U.S., including variations in words, phrases, and pronunciation.
  • Open access for all users
Searchable full-text database containing more than seventy commentaries on Dante's Divine Comedy from the 14th century to present.
Business & residential addresses & some related statistical data.
Searchable descriptions of 1 million+ datasets in all subject areas from 69 repositories, plus citations to publications using the data. Mobile app available.
Create tables, charts and maps with wide range of variables using data from governments and private organizations.
  • Open access for all users
Over 150,000 datasets in the sciences, social sciences, business, and government.
  • Open access for all users
Bibliographic database of Arabic literature in western research.
Collected, searchable online versions of important Latin dictionaries.
CD-quality streaming access to more than 4,000 albums from 42 independent record labels.
  • Open access for all users
Institutional repository for the University of Michigan. Includes scholarly publications, conference presentations, dissertations, theses, and data from University of Michigan scholars across the three campuses.
British source material on conceptions of gender from the mid-15th to early 20th century.
  • Open access for all users
1948-present. Statistics worldwide compiled by Statistical Office of the United Nations.
Comprehensive business and residential information for users to assess business viability, create sales leads and/or marketing mailing lists, analyze population trends, find potential sponsors and donors, and more. Search for people or businesses, and create demographic reports.
1973-present. Practice, theory and history of design, crafts, architecture, and advertising.
Includes all articles from all editions of the Detroit Free Press.
Keyword(s): Michigan
  • Open access for all users
Keyword(s): Michigan
Archive of historical and current issues of the Detroit News, covering the years 1873 - present.
Keyword(s): Michigan
  • Open access for all users
Keyword(s): Michigan
Covers all areas of business and management, including marketing, organizational behavior, business strategy, law, and taxation.
Biographic, bibliographic, & critical information on authors and their writings.
450 A.D. - 1100 A.D. Online database consisting of at least one copy of every surviving Old English text.
Dictionary of the Old English language.
2005 edition. Comprehensive compilation of peer-reviewed health and environmental data on several thousand chemical substances. Includes biological, ecological and toxicological risks, hazards, and effects data and regulatory limits for the substances.
  • Open access for all users
This resource, along with other archival collections, documents various aspects of the history of Flint and Genesee County. It currently contains three collections, but others will be added.
  • Open access for all users
Dozens of digital collections of prose, fiction, poetry, plays, dictionaries, and more.
Provides streaming access to hundreds of concerts from the Berlin Philharmonic. Requires creation of free personal account; see "More info" for details.
Innovative works in new media studies and the emerging field of digital humanities.
16th and 17th century theological writings by Protestant Reformers.
16th and 17th century Catholic theological writings, biblical commentaries, confessional documents, and polemical treatises.
Contains themed collections of over 80,000 declassified and FOIA'd documents that led to U.S. policy decisions.
  • Open access for all users
Portal to the digital collections of libraries, archives, and museums across the United States.
Facilitates the application of text mining and visualization tools on data sets created from the library's Gale Primary Sources. Google or Microsoft email account required for access.
Spanish language ebooks and ejournals, published in Spain & Latin America.
Database provides streaming video access to highly awarded Cuban films in their original language with optional English subtitles.
Grants, publications, citations, alternative metrics, clinical trials, patents, and policy documents; helps find and access relevant information, analyze the academic and broader outcomes of research, and gather insights to inform future strategy.
Experimental data and correlations of temperature-dependent properties for over 1,600 pure chemicals. Provides data sets, DIPPR-approved property constants, and regressed correlation coefficients for temperature-dependent properties.
Export and import data between countries.
  • Open access for all users
Free full text scholarly & scientific journals.
Index to master's theses and doctoral dissertations submitted at UM-Flint. Some full text will be available at a later date.
Documentaries, interviews, biographies, performances, and lectures examining social, racial, and economic inequalities that shape communities at the local and global levels.
  • Open access for all users
Primary sources from several libraries, including books, pamphlets, and manuscripts, all searchable.
English-language plays and secondary sources on theater.
Access to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition (DSM-5).
Evidence-based point-of-care clinical reference tool for health care professionals. Clinically-organized summaries for more than 3,000 topics. Install on mobile device.


Environment, environmental policy, legislation, energy issues. Covers 1996 to present (articles); 2005 to present (videos); updated daily.
Full-text searchable early printed books in Arabic script on sciences, history, geography from the holdings of the British Library
  • Open access for all users
Full-text historical content about Canada, including books, magazines, and government documents.
  • Open access for all users
HTML texts of English language texts, 1475-1700.
Facsimiles of English language texts, 1470-1700.
Digitized books from the British Isles and Europe for the period 1450-1700.
Extensive coverage of Earth’s air, land, and water environments, and including scholarly journals, trade and industry journals, magazines, technical reports, conference proceedings, and government publications.
India Office Records from the British Library, 1595-1947
One of the key African-American magazines of the 20th century, covering 20th and 21st-Century current events, art, design, politics and culture, literature, advertising, and more.
Electronic books on all topics, mostly published between 1990 and 2005.
Full text titles with unlimited access designed specifically to support a quality learning experience for High School students across all academic subjects from History, to Language and Literature, to Science & Technology.
Full text books designed specifically to support a quality learning experience for K-8 students across all academic subjects from History, to Language and Literature, to Science & Technology.
Index of e-books cataloged by OCLC member libraries worldwide. Updated daily. UM-Flint must own or subscribe to an ebook for its content to be available.
Search all subscribed EBSCOhost databases simultaneously.
  • Open access for all users
Open access records for dissertations and theses from 1955 to the present.
Includes databases in social sciences, arts, humanities, sciences, and business.
1969-present. Economics & related subjects.
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Publication of the US Council of Economic Advisers, to supply monthly updates related to the economic conditions in the United States.
  • Open access for all users
Economic data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.
Complete archive of every issue of The Economist from 1843 to four years ago, with full-color images, multiple search indexes, and exportable financial tables.
Country level data from the EIU from 1952-1995 for nearly 200 countries.
  • Open access for all users
ECRI Guidelines Trust is a publicly available web-based repository of objective, evidence-based clinical practice guideline content. Its purpose is to provide physicians, nurses, other clinical specialties, and members of the healthcare community with up-to-date clinical practices to advance safe and effective patient care. This centralized repository includes evidence-based guidance developed by nationally and internationally recognized medical organizations and medical specialty societies.
Journal articles, reports, and other document covering all aspects of education.
Repository for information on the use and management of information technology in higher education. See "more..." for important information about access.
Digital images of books published during the 18th Century. Full-text searching; access to critical information in the fields of history, literature, religion, law, fine arts, science & more.
British plays licensed between 1737 and 1824, as well as documents that provide their social context.
Periodicals of multiple subjects and themes depicting the evolution of the publishing world between 1685 and 1835.
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Compiled by Columbia University Libraries, this list of online newspapers is part of a larger, on-going effort -- AFRINUL-- a "union list" of African newspapers held by research libraries in North America.
Keyword(s): World news
Medical e-books.
Market research information about the Internet, e-business, online marketing, and emerging technologies. Please log out when finished; failing to log out may prevent others from using this database.
Biomedical and pharmaceutical research. Covers 1946-present. Links to full text do not work for UM-Flint users. IMPORTANT NOTE: Use Journal Finder to locate journals cited in EMBASE.
Business, Management, Economics, Library Science, Engineering and other journals published by Emerald Group Publishing.
Provides full text news, reports, and financial information for emerging markets in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Includes merger and acquisitions deals, data, and analytic tools for company and industry comparisons. Users can create a login to save personal settings.
Images of original manuscripts related to Empire Studies sourced from libraries and archives around the world.
New edition, in progress, covers Islam in the twentieth century, Muslim minorities worldwide, social sciences, humanities.
Authoritative coverage of thousands of topics in all areas of study.
Detailed facts and current statistics for over 750 occupations in more than 90 key career fields.
2009. Covers theories and theoretical concepts and a relatively comprehensive overview of the entire field of communication theory.
  • Open access for all users
Open-access resource of detailed information about species of organisms.
Provides 3000+ peer-reviewed articles, images, a glossary of terms, news, and some multimedia files on a wide variety of life sciences topics. Released 2001, continuously updated.
Online version of the 10-volume set.
150 entries on rhetoric, including classical studies, philosophy, literature, literary theory, cultural studies, speech, and communications. Combines theory, history, and practice, with a special emphasis on public speaking, performance, & communication.
New, online version of this classic social work encyclopedia which is updated with new and revised content each month.
Citation management package. Provides 2GB of file storage (up to 50,000 references), and supports citations in the 20 most popular bibliographic styles. Requires creation of a free account. [More info about EndNote]
In-depth, impartial analysis of key engineering failures, with video and text documents.
Searchable corpora for linguistic research.
Over 5,000 primary documents covering British history from 500-1914. The documents are indexed and full-text searchable.
Searchable, full-text grammars from diverse language groups, enabling cross-linguistic queries.
Complete runs of digitized major trade and consumer magazines, from their inception to 2000, including Variety, Billboard, and others.
Provides the latest insight into topics relevant to entrepreneurship and small business. 125 key periodicals, 135 reference books, case studies, thousands of company profiles.
Collection of three major environmental collections.
  • Open access for all users
Collection of news about environmental research, business, and policy, including coverage of climate change, pollution, toxic substances, and sustainability.
Multidisciplinary database with abstracts and citations drawn from scientific journals, conference proceedings, reports, monographs, books and government publications.
Statistical databases on China, which are sourced from industrial, regional and national organizations, and covers various subjects, industries, fields, and all regions of China.
  • Open access for all users
1966-present. 1.1M+ citations, 1,000+ periodicals (ERIC Journals); government publications, & unpublished materials such as conference papers, reports, theses, etc. (ERIC Documents available on microfiche in the Thompson Library & sometimes online).
  • Open access for all users
Descriptor terms used in ERIC.
1966-present. 1.1M+ citations, 1,000+ periodicals (ERIC Journals); government publications, & unpublished materials such as conference papers, reports, theses, etc. (ERIC Documents available on microfiche in the Thompson Library & sometimes online).
1966-present. 1.1M+ citations, 1,000+ periodicals (ERIC Journals); government publications, & unpublished materials such as conference papers, reports, theses, etc. (ERIC Documents available on microfiche in the Thompson Library & sometimes online).
1985-present. Archaeology, architecture, art, children's literature, classical studies, drama, economics, fiction, film , folklore, history, linguistics, music, poetry, political science, religion, women's studies.
Research institution performance statistics extrapolated from Web of Science indexing of scholarly journal citations. Mobile app available.
Ethnic NewsWatch is a current resource of full-text newspapers, magazines, and journals of the ethnic and minority press, providing researchers access to essential, often overlooked perspectives.
Keyword(s): World news, United States
Ethnographic documentaries and interviews of anthropologists.
Encyclopedia of all of the worlds known living languages.
Audio recordings and field materials from ethnomusicologists documenting musical traditions from around the world.