Current Research


Life Extension and Rejuvenation of Human Beings


The first aim of the institute is to find ways to extend human life-span and to rejuvenate human beings. This is done through learning how stem cells and cancer cells have infinite regenerative potential and we use such a knowledge to reverse epigenetic age and health in normal aging cells. We already have shown that we can extend the life-span of human cells by 30% and now are getting close to understanding as how we can generate stem cells for regenerative medicine through modulation of pathways of metabolism and also reverse aging in human cells.


Cancer Treatment
We have opted for a completely different approach to treat cancer. We have been working on cancer since 2005 to learn the reason why cancer cells are immortal since such an insight would enable us to cure cancer by attacking this immortality. Since then, we have found and published some of leading causes of cancer immortality and developed a drug to cure cancer. Our initial results on skin cancer have been promising and now we would like to carry out a clinical trial first in 50 patients and then in a larger number of patients to receive FDA approval. Following the approval, we will continue to test the treatment in all types of cancer since our treatment is likely to work on all types of cancer. This revolutionary approach does not kill cancer cells, it does remove the signals in cancer cells that prompt them to divide and following this, the cancer cells commit suicide without any need for chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Thus, our treatment strategies can lead to fundamentally different approach from those currently pursued and is likely to provide us with a sweeping method to cure this deadly disease. We are trying to raise funds for clinical trials.