Scientists dedicate their lives to helping others, and making the world a better place for everyone. Scientists do not receive the proper credit and support from the public to permanently maintain their labs and to continue their work un-interrupted. Often, a major part of the life of scientists, is not spent in scientific research, instead, extended precious time is spent in the arduous task of obtaining funds from a limited number of resources such as grants and donations. There is a chance that a grant does not get funded, and if there is no bridge grant offered by the institution, the scientists find themselves financially in an awkward position. Young scientists who start their career by the seed grants offered by their institution, may find themselves in positions that their institutional fund is near exhaustion and the grant that they sent for review receives a non-fundable score. Often, these young investigators may get disappointed to a point that they might leave scientific research after years of education, training and work. Scientists are not businessmen and besides applying for grants, do not know how else they can monetize the hidden assets of their laboratory. A science laboratory is a hidden gem that can be nourished by their colleagues and gain support from peers for national and international collaborations, and for monetizing a great number of laboratory assets that each and every laboratory acquires.


If you are a seasoned scientist who is well funded with numerous grants or if you are just starting to develop your own lab, you will be able to enjoy this platform for collaboration and sharing resources to monetizing your laboratory assets. When you register with this site, you will increase the opportunity for others to find you, to establish either a collaboration with you or use the items, and services that you wish to offer to others. By registering, you will also have access to reach numerous resources that other scientists across many disciplines offer. Using this platform you can set up a site for your lab where you store and share documents, figures, videos, calendar, contacts, patents, lectures, , grants and notes. Registration is easy, it takes a short time and more importantly, it is free.


Frontiers in Bioscience, intends to change how scientists can offer ways to establish new collaborations and revenue streams for their laboratory based on their talent, knowledge, special expertise, and the equipments they possess. Services allow publication of  the following 


. Keep any item shown below as "Private", "Shared with contacts" or "Public

. Store and publish your CV, images, videos and sound
. Self publish your articles, blogs, posts and podcasts
. Self publish your calendar
. Self publish your presentations and lectures
. Self publish your conferences
. Self publish your jobs
. Self publish your editorial or collaborative assistance to others
. Sell or donate your equipment, editorial assistance, and other lab assets (constructs, organisms, etc)

. Self publish your videos




Even if you are a seasoned scientist who is well funded with numerous grants or if you are just starting to develop your own lab, include your laboratory assets in this platform. This increases the opportunity for others to find you to establish either a collaboration or lease or purchase some of your laboratory assets. Others might be interested in you or your laboratory equipments, tests etc. By registering, you become part of the large group of scientists who work across many disciplines and areas of research and development allowing the formation of large network of scientists who are open to collaboration or monetization of their laboratory assets. You might be surprised that by registering your lab in this platform, you might open opportunities that will not otherwise materialize. Registration is easy, it takes a short time and more importantly, it is free.


Each provider or requester receives a dashboard that allows access to contents as well as use of the services. The content of the dashboard is detailed below




The process of finding collaborators or finding an item or service from a provider is easy and entails a few simple steps. If you are a provider and are listing items or services, you have the option to enter these for no fee as a collaboration or request a payment for that item or service.




If you are a provider of an item or service or intend to use an item or service, please register as a provider or as a requester.


IP (Internet Protocol)

Institutions are graned IP access to content so that all faculty members gain access to content. An Internet Protocol address is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. An IP address serves two main functions: it hosts or networks interface identification and location addressing. IP is an Internet protocol that designates each computer with a defined number comprised of four units from to Thus, each computer has an IP within this range. At the time of registration, we are providing you with the opportunity that you store the range of IP addresses of the computer(s) that you wish to use to access the site. This allows you or others within the registered IP address range to access the site without the need to login with username and password combination, each time that the site is visited. If you do not know the IP of your computer, you can go to “” to see the IP address of the computer that you use. If you wish to register one computer with one IP, you can enter the same IP in the “start” and “end” IP query boxes during the registration process. Please note that universities and companies offer fixed IPs that do not change with time. However, if you intend to use a computer with a dynamic IP which changes periodically, access based on IP does not work since upon the change of the IP, the access is lost. Thus, it is important that you get a username and password combination so that you can always access the site from a computer that is not recognizable by its IP.


Login to gain access to calendar, store your contacts, figures, videos, resume, publications, grants, patents, other documents, and notes. Send E-mails, and publish blogs, papers or other documents that might be useful to you or share them with your peers or the public.




Monetize your laboratory assets as detailed below




Scientists invest years in training, acquire special expertise and invest their time and effort in establishing their laboratories. Yet, this training and expertise oftentimes remain under-utilized. We believe that there are great opportunities for seasoned scientists to provide younger generation of scientists with help, advice and guidance.




Scientists spend years in improving their writing skills. Writing is an art and great writings require extensive knowledge and experience, often lacking in young scientists. Experienced scientists can offer a tremendous help to those who have started writing papers and grants that often require restructuring and editing.




You might have developed special images, artwork, videos, lectures or presentation that might be of interest to others. Monetize these items by licensing them to others for a fee.




As science technology has advanced, a large number of equipments have been developed that provide numerous avenues for research, yet, due to the cost of these equipments, most scientists who work in small or independent institutions, do not have access to such technologies, leaving them behind in how robust their papers can be if they would have the opportunity to utilize such an equipment on a collaborative basis or for a fee. Scientists, depending on their expertise and line of research, acquire expensive equipments. Some of the research equipments are so expensive that their purchase requires the core facilities of the universities to obtain them for the use of their faculty. Most laboratory equipments remain under-utilized whereas they can be put to use by those who do not have the funds or accessibilities to such expensive equipments.




Researchers and their institutions spend considerable fund to patent findings and intellectual properties. Once the patent is issued, the researcher leave it to the institution, who is the owner of the intellectual property to find lessees for their patent. Yet, depending on the institution, efforts for finding lessees might be limited or non-existing. This causes many patents to remain unused, providing the researchers without a valuable resource for obtaining funds that helps their laboratory. Often, the intellectual properties of scientists are shelved and are not used since this information is not widely distributed. License your intellectual properties for which you are the inventor even if the owner is your academic institution. Your intellectual properties are presented to many entities including pharmaceutical companies to find partners who are interested in your invention and will license the intellectual properties with you or with your institution.




Great advances in technology is owed to the great work of scientists across the globe. Many of these technologies are tailor made for specific purposes and require great resources and time. Often, rare resources such as a DNA construct, a hybridoma, a cell line, mutant or transgenic mice etc are not submitted by the scientists into publicly available resources and such great resources remain un-used by others while they might be of use to great many scientists. Scientists create many unique reagents that are not available to the public. Often these reagents remain unused and kept in storage. Offer all the special reagents that you have created to others either on a collaborative basis or for a fee.




You might have developed laboratory tests for a paper, grant or for other reason. Many others might be interested in your test since carrying the test might be difficult for another scientist who might not have the expertise, equipment, or for other reasons . Offer these on a collaborative basis or for a fee.




Use this platform to advertise your recruitments, sale or other items required for your lab. Then, share them with a peer or the public.




If you are the requester, you will receive a rejection or acceptance of your request within 72 hours from a given provider. There is no limit in how many requests you can submit. You may submit multiple requests at any given time.


Payment for a request: As a requester, once you receive an acceptance from a provider, you can login to your dashboard and arrange payment for the item or service by credit card. You will receive a server receipt and subsequently by Email, you will receive the contact information of the provider so that you can arrange for receiving the item or service from the provider.




If you are a provider, and you have accepted a request and the requester has paid for the service, you will receive a notice of a pending payment. Please login to your dashboard and arrange for receiving payment by credit card or by check. You will also receive the contact information of the requester so that you can arrange for mailing an item or for providing the service.




All fees are waived for researchers and physicians who work for universities, nonprofit organizations, and non-commercial entities or are invited to contribute. Please select the “Waive Fee” when filling the form in your dashboard for using or publicizing any item. Fees are also waived for companies when publicizing an item that can serve for the public good. However, there are fees for those with commercial interest as follows (blogs, posts, podcasts, news, etc $95 per posting, job or advertisement listing for commercial entities $35 per week, $95 for four weeks, and $795 for a year, 5% fee for sales of equipment). All providers and users agree with the terms and conditions when they use the services and insure that they provide the services they offer or items that they sell. Fees are transferred to providers when the items are received and approved by the requesters. Frontiers in Bioscience reserves the right for changing the services and does not accept responsibility for individual usage of the site. 






There is no qualifications that is required to register as a requester. If you are interested in an item or service, search and find the item or service, fill the form and submit.




As a provider of an item or service, you will receive a request as an Email that includes the description of the item or a service that is requested from you. Please login to your dashboard within 72 hours and either accept or reject the request. As a provider, you are not obligated to accept any of the requests that you may receive.


To qualify to register in this site, the following requirements should be met


Education: You need to have acquired your PhD or MD degree. Post-doctoral fellows are eligible to participate.

Training: Special training increases the chance of you being matched with Requesters. Post-doctoral fellows are eligible to participate.

Expertise: Although special expertise is not required, having expertise in specific niches in medicine and bioscience adds to the likelihood that you are matched with Requesters.
Grants: If you have obtained peer reviewed grants, you are more likely to get matched with Requesters.

 Publications: If you have a large number of publications, particularly, in high impact journals, you are more likely to get matched with Requesters.

Regulations: Since you are offering your services, equipments, intellectual properties or other assets of your lab, you might be required to obtain clearance from your department chairperson or institution or other entities. It all likelihood, you can not participate if you have dedicated your fulltime to a grant or number of grants and have no free time. Your institution or grantor might also have restriction on use of the equipment. Please check, if necessary, with those who can provide you with conditions that must be met for you to offer your services, equipments or other properties. However, if you are the owner of the property or you offer these services outside your normal work hours, you might be permitted to receive funds from others.

Donation: You need to tell a convincing and compelling story about you, your work and why you need to receive donations. The donors might be philantropists

Payments: You can decide to receive your fund either through PayPal or by check. It is important that if you insure that you can receive funds on behalf of your laboratory, your institution or personally. Please also note that the funds that you might receive are considered income and might be subject to taxes if you are receiving it through your institution or personally.
Contractual agreements: When another person or entity in interested in what you offer, you are free to accept or reject such a request for a variety of reasons, for example, you might be taking vacation, are on a sabbatical, etc. However, please note that when you accept a “Request Ticket”, you have agreed to two contractual agreements.




The first agreement is between you and the Frontiers in Bioscience. Under this agreement, you agree to provide a service to others and to allow Frontiers in Bioscience to collect fund on your behalf and then receive the funds from Frontiers in Bioscience. Under this contract, you agree to enter to a transaction with others and you will keep Frontiers in Bioscience free and clear from your contractual agreement with third parties. Also, you agree not to make additional future agreements with the same entity outside the realm of the agreement that you have made with Frontiers in Bioscience and you will continue to use this platform for such subsequent contracts.


The second agreement is between you and with another person or entity. This contractual agreement entails for you to offer a service to others for a fee. Thus, if you have special requirements, please include them during registration so that others who view your profile can decide whether to accept them.







There is no ranking for the requester.




Ranking impacts the chance of being matched and to receive funding. Each provider is ranked in respect to education, publication, and history of grant funding.
Platinum Ranking: Full professor, or >100 publications, or History of grant funding
Gold Ranking: Associate professor, or 50-100 publications, or History of grant funding
Silver Ranking: Assistant professor, or <50 publications, or History of grant funding
Bronze Ranking: Post-doctoral fellow, or <10 publications, or No grant funding