Support New Reversal of Aging Research Building

We plan to develop a clinic for aging reversal for the public. Our target date for the construction of this facility is Jan 1, 2015. This is a clinic for implementation of procedures that insure reversal of aging of the participants. Interested individuals can send their letter of interest to us for participation in our endeavors and for reversal of aging of their loved ones.

Support Foundation Grants

Research grants from foundations do not provide funding for indirect administrative cost. Your support will supplement such funds that are generally not paid by Research grant foundations.

Support Recruitment of New Scientific Faculty

During the past several decades, there has been a sharp decrease in the amount of funds that support research in the US through National Institutes of Health (NIH). Particularly, this has impacted young scientists who have the hope to helping humanity but fail to secure funds for their research on aging and cancer. The average age of funding has risen to 41 and the funding rate stands at a dismal rate (5-7%) in various study sections of NIH. Great advancement in techniques in medicine, has made it feasible to pursue and find breakthroughs that will change medicine in this decade. We anticipate that by the year 2020-2030, many of human diseases including cancer and aging, will be curable. However, finding such treatments require funding that currently is not available through NIH or other funding agencies. Your contribution will make this feasible. The Institute seeks to add 10 new Faculty positions by 2015 and will need to spend $2 – $3 million to recruit, equip, and provide the initial support for each of the new scientist. Similar funds not available from granting agencies and private funds are required to start new scientists on their road of discovery. A gift of $2.5 million entitles the donor to name the position in perpetuity (“Endowed Professorship”).

Support of New “High-Risk, High-Payoff” Research Initiatives

Federal granting agencies, by nature, only fund research proposals that are low risk but these research endeavors add only marginally to science when executed to their completion. Most advances in medicine, however, have occurred through private contributions that support “high risk” but “high pay-off” research. The Institute actively seeks contributions for support of these “high-risk” approaches that are likely to bring sweeping changes in medicine. Among them are approaches for non-radiotherapeutic and non-chemotherapy approaches for treatment of cancer and aging reversal that are not currently funded by NIH or other Federal agencies due to their high risk nature.

Support of Student Science Education

The Institute actively seeks gifts, and other forms of contributions and corporate sponsorships to educate talented students who consider science research as a possible career goal. Your contribution will support such gifted individuals to find their way in research and allow us to train them to be future scientists.

The Institute hosts highly popular and thought provoking Seminars in a wide array of subjects but particularly those that address treatment of cancer or reversal of aging. Institute scientists and highly

recognized external scientists will deliver their work on cutting edge technology, and breakthroughs in medicine and research on aging and cancer in our quarterly lectures in the FBS Auditorium. The Institute seeks gifts and corporate sponsorships in support of these Lecture series and highly exceptional educational programs.

Support for Purchase of Scientific Equipments

Your gift goes a long way to allow us to continue to purchase expensive research equipments that are difficult to purchase with Federal grants. Such equipments are required for our research that uses such equipment for data generation or for data mining and analysis.


Enrich your life with beautiful art


Your tax deductible contribution will support research in aging and cancer. All of us age and most of us have a family member who has cancer or develops cancer as they age. Your contributions will fuel research at Frontiers in Bioscience Research Institute and you are invited to visit our laboratories to see the progress that we are making towards the treatment of cancer, and slowing or reversing aging. You will receive an artwork made by well known artists that can be viewed within the institute or at the Gallery WebSites. The artwork is our way of thanking you for your generosity in supporting our mission and initiatives.


All arts at the institute carry special colored tags identifying the artwork that is received for each contribution.


Early life

Born into an artistic family, Khavarani started painting at a very young age. When he was twelve years old, he began to study classical painting with the well-known artist, Reza Samimi.

Khavarani completed his education in 1966 from Tehran University with a Master’s degree in Architecture and a Ph.D. in Urban Design. His graduate work was done under the guidance of his mentor Master, Hooshang Seyhoun, the internationally renowned Iranian authority in art and architecture


Khavarani’s earlier paintings were influenced by his classical and formal training in arts and architecture. Since his recent encounters with the philosophy of Rumi and other great teachers, both the artist and his art have been transformed and his current paintings carry subtle mystical messages.

Kamran Khavarani’s paintings represent a rare fusion of the philosophical and metaphysical with the aesthetic, and they draw viewers into the inner world. Professor Boime wrote about Khavarani in his last book; “The Birth of Abstract Romanticism: Art for a New Humanity, Rumi and the Paintings of Kamran Khavarani’: “Exalted by the love poems of the Persian poet Jalaluddin Rumi (1207-73), Khavarani seeks to translate his ecstatic feelings into visual harmonies that celebrate the idea of Presence, the loving, creative side of existence potentially in everything and everyone.”

In The Birth of Abstract Romanticism, Professor Boime explored the details and effects of the artist’s style: “… Khavarani visually expresses his inner response to Rumi, evoking the oceanic and cosmic metaphors of the Persian mystic…Assigning to each of the four elements (earth, air, fire and water) its own unique color register, he gives his primordial visions – most evident in his glowing ‘Creation’ (2003) – a riveting presence. His skies and seas are saturated in unprecedented, emotional blue-greens, purples and oranges, and his mountain forms are often surrounded by a web of shadowy halos that convey a misty sensory impression of a world still in formation.”

In an open letter on July 28, 2008, Professor Boime wrote: “…Khavarani resurrects the romantic possibility that art can change the world by reaching out unstintingly to the heart and imagination of the individual spectator.” As Professor Boime wrote in the conclusion of The Birth of Abstract Romanticism, “It remains to be seen how the fallout from Khavarani’s painting will influence the history of art. Certainly his work goes against the grain of most international contemporary art and in fact purports to offer an alternative to it…‘Beauty’ is certainly the key word in Khavarani’s lexicon, as it represents the quality he has made it his life’s ambition to express—a harmonizing force to offset the ‘ugliness’ of so much bacchanalian and barbaric display that presently passes for art.”


Khavarani paints with his hands encased in plastic gloves and by working flatly in oil on paper. He uses his whole hand, in almost dancing motion, and one barely detects the tracks of his labor. As Professor Boime wrote in his book, Khavarani “… has perfected this unique method that produces remarkable results, even at the micro level.”


Khavarani has won numerous architectural awards such as ‘California Building Official’s highest award of excellence’ for a single family residence, and the design award for the city of Beverly Hills in a commercial category. His “art-scaping” design has been recognized and published in Japan’s most prestigious landscaping magazine for three consecutive years.

Kamran Khavarani Art Gallery
310-650-7726 Cell

Volunteering is integral to the success of our mission to reverse aging and provide treatment for all human solid cancers. The Institute greatly values and will be indebted for contribution of all those who wish to provide us with their time, support, and expertise. The institute offers a diverse array of volunteering opportunities. You can help us in direct research, or provide us with administrative assistance or extend your help in any other form such as fund raising, educational programs that you find suitable. Most people are able to provide support at many different levels. Please contact us if you like to participate in our mission and endeavors. We would be happy to discuss with you the type of help that you wish to extend to this institution.


Current opportunities:

– Receptionist assistance
– Technology or research assistance
– Administrative assistance
– Fund raising assistance
– Educational program assistance


Support Research on Aging and Cancer. Give a gift Today.


The Frontiers in Bioscience Research Institute is one of the nation’s only independent research facility focused on aging reversal and non-radiotherapeutic and non-chemotherapeutic treatment of cancer. We need your support for basic science research, expansion of the facility and its staff and opening a clinical center for aging reversal.

Accelerate science with your tax deductible contribution

Here are ways that you can contribute funds in support of research and education at the research institute.

Purpose of donation

Your donation can be in response to one of our request for funds:

– New Reversal of Aging Research Building
– Foundation Grants
– Recruitment of New Scientific Faculty
– New “High-Risk, High-Payoff” Research Initiatives
– Student Science Education
– Community Education in Aging and Cancer
– Purchase of scientific equipments

Forms of donation

– Bequests
– Wills
– A Tribute to honor friends and family
– Contribute funds as a memorial gifts to the legacy of your loved ones
– Donate in honor of your friends and relatives for their birthday, wedding, etc
– Make a gift for special kindness or generosity that anyone has extended towards you and your family

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Donate by mail

You can send us check, or any form of payment (credit card, money order, security such as stock, bond, mutual fund or other equities, land, or any form of transferable asset). Please send us your contribution with a letter describing your specific interest in donating to special fund raising requests of FBS (Aging research, Cancer Research, Educational program or becoming a member). Please also provide us with your full name, address and contact information including your phone number and Email. You will be contacted upon receipt of the fund and we will invite you to join us for a tour of the Research Institute. During this tour, you can choose from arts at the institute or you can go online to the gallery website, choose the art that is consistent with the level of your donation and the art will be sent to the address you specify in your letter. If you are not interested in the art work displayed at the institute or online, we offer you other gifts including travel expenses or you can choose from an inventory of gifts that are available to our donors. If you prefer contact us by Email first so that we can contact you to help you towards your donation process.

Contact us

Please mail your donation and letter of interest to:

Frontiers in Bioscience Research Institute in Aging and Cancer
16471 Scientific Way
Irvine CA 92618

Write to us at:


For more information about current opportunities or to learn more about our volunteering program, please contact: fbs@bioscience.org



Participate in FBS research Institute activities in aging reversal and fight in treatment of cancer 


We invite you to participate in FBS research, fund raising and educational programs and become a member of Frontiers in Bioscience Research Institute. As a member, you will be qualified to be on our lifetime roster of participants in our educational programs, receive beautiful artwork for your contribution, and add the name of your family or institution in the FBS Auditorium. The Auditorium is central to the activity of the Institute. The FBS Auditorium serves as a valuable meeting place for the Institute faculty, staff and guests. The Auditorium will also host members who will participate in our educational programs and become aware of science in the institute and witness the growth of scientists who are funded by their generous contributions.


Each of the 120 seats in the Auditorium is available for sponsorship. Sponsors may chose any available seat with a gift of $1,000-50,000 that designates their permanent seat at the institute. An engraved nameplate will be prominently affixed to a seat in this unique venue in our beautiful newly designed building. These are our ways of saying thank you to your generous support to one of the nation’s first independent research institute. We are dedicated and committed to understanding the means for aging reversal and new non-toxic approaches for the treatment of cancer and need your support to help you and humanity.

Using the most modern research advances, FBS Research Institute will focus on reversal of the aging process and in treating cancer by non-radiotherapeutic or chemotherapy approaches.

Over the past several decades, competing national priorities have restricted the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the primary federal agency that funds biomedical research to support diverse research initiatives of scientists across the US. For this reason, private support for basic research is now more important than ever particularly when there is no technical block in the progress of science. Philanthropic gifts to the Frontiers in Bioscience Research Institute will lead to real change in biomedical research aimed at extending the healthy years of our lives and in cancer treatment.

Gifts and private funds from individuals, families, foundations and corporations can place Frontiers in Bioscience Research Institute on an accelerated pace of discovery. Scientists at the institute have the flexibility to follow promising leads and identify new approaches before they become eligible for NIH grant support. These fundings will also support the institute to recruit the most talented scientists who are committed to make Landmark discoveries. Please consider to support us in our mission to helping humanity.

Our Funding Priorities