Desired action Keys to press

Pan the map in any direction

Arrow keys

Zoom in or out

Ctrl + plus or minus key (+ or -)


Ctrl + Left or Right arrow keys


Ctrl + Up or Down arrow keys

Zoom in or out in 3D Cities view

+ or - keys

Move farther or closer in 3D Cities view

Page Up or Page Down

Switch map views between aerial and road

Ctrl + Y

Center map on your current location

Ctrl + Home

Get directions

Ctrl + D


Ctrl + F

Minimize the active tab

Ctrl + M


Ctrl + P

Show or hide traffic

Ctrl + T

Go back



Ctrl + H

Move focus to map

Ctrl + L

Close the active tab

Ctrl + W

Go to the next tab

Ctrl + Tab

Go to previous tab

Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Show or hide Streetside

Ctrl + S

Copy to clipboard

Ctrl + C