Cell Snapshots

o Abscisic Acid Signaling
o Actin Regulators I
o Actin Regulators II
o Acute Myeloid Leukemia
o Adipocyte Life Cycle
o ADP-Ribosylation Signaling
o Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis
o Adult Neurogenesis in the V-SVZ
o Advancing
organoid Technology
o Angiopoietins and Their Functions
o Antibiotic Inhibition
of Protein Synthesis I
o Antibiotic Inhibition
of Protein Synthesis II
o Antibiotic Resistance
o Antiviral Restriction Factors
o Astrocytes in Health and Disease
o Auditory Transduction
o Autism and the Synapse
o Auxin Signaling and Transport
o Axon Guidance
o Axon Guidance II
o Axonal Transport
o Bacterial Appendages I
o Bacterial Appendages II
o The Bacterial Cytoskeleton
o Bacterial Quorum Sensing
o B7/CD28 Costimulation
o BCL-2 Proteins
o Bioactive Lysophospholipids
o Biology
of Genetic Ataxias
o Biomolecular NMR
o Bladder Cancer
o BMP Signaling in Development
o Bone Metastasis
o Branching Morphogenesis
o Breast Cancer
o Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies
o Brown and Beige Adipose Thermogenesis
o Ca2+-Calcineurin-NFAT Signaling
o Ca2+-Dependent Transcription in Neu
o Cancer Immunotherapy with
oncolytic Viruses
o Cancer Metabolism Pathways
o Cancer Vaccines
o Cartography
of Intramembrane Proteolysis
o Caspases
o Caveolae, Caveolins, and Cavins
o Cell-Cycle Regulators I
o Cell-Cycle Regulators II
o Cell Picture Show
o Cellular Bodies
o Cellular Senescence in Pathophysiology
o Cellular Senescence Pathways
o Centriole Biogenesis
o CGAS-STING Signaling
o Channel Gating Mechanisms
o Chromatin Remodeling: CHD
o Chromatin Remodeling: ISWI
o Chromatin Remodeling: SWI/SNF
o Chromatin Remodeling: INO80 and SWR1
o Chromatin Remodeling Complexes
o Chromosome Conformation Capture
o Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
o Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
o Circadian Clock
o Circadian Clock Proteins
o Circulating Tumor Cells
o Class 1 CRISPR-Cas Systems
o Class 2 CRISPR-Cas Systems
o Class I PI3K Isoform Signaling
o Connexins and Disease
o Control
of Flowering in Arabidopsis
o Cortical Development
o CRISPR-RNA-Guided Adaptive Immune Systems
o Cytokines II
o Cytokines III
o Cytokines IV
o Dendritic Cells
o Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma
o Directed Differentiation
of Pluripotent Stem Cells
o Discovering Genetic Regulatory Variants by QTL Analysis
o DNA Mismatch Repair
o DNA Polymerases I Prokaryotes
o DNA Polymerases II Mammals
o Effector and Memory T Cell Differentiation
o Effector Proteins
of Type III Secretion System
o EGFR Signaling Pathway
o Electrochemical Communication in Biofilms
o Endocytic Trafficking
o Endogenous RNAi Machinery and Mechanisms
o Endogenous RNAi Pathways
o Endometriosis
o Endosome-to-Golgi Retrieval
o Epigenomic Assays
o The Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
o Epithelial Tight Junctions
o ER-Associated Protein Degradation Pathways
o The ESCRT Machinery
o Eukaryotic Fe-S Protein Biogenesis
o Evolution
of Human Influenza A Viruses
o Exercise Metabolism
o Expanding the Ubiquitin Code
o Extrinsic Apoptosis Pathways
o Fanconi Anemia and Associated Proteins
o F Box Proteins
o F Box Proteins II
o Fly piRNAs, PIWI Proteins, and the Ping-Pong Cycle
o FMRP mRNA Targets and Diseases
o FMRP Interacting Proteins
o Forkhead Transcription Factors I
o Forkhead Transcription Factors II
o Formation
of mRNPs
o Formins
o Functions
of Endoplasmic Reticulum Membrane Contact Sites
o Functions
of Tubulin Posttranslational Modifications
o Genetic Models
of Cancer
o Genetics
of ALS and FTD
o Genetics
of Autism
o Genetics
of Alzheimer's Disease
o Genetics
of Parkinson's Disease
o The Germinal Center Reaction
o GI Tract Development
o Glioblastoma Multiforme
o GPCR-Ligand Interactions
o Growing
organoids from Stem Cells
o Gut Immune Niches
o Hair Follicle Stem Cells
o Hedgehog Signaling Pathway
o Hematopoiesis
o The Hematopoietic Stem Cell Niche
o Hepatocellular Carcinoma
o High-Throughput Sequencing Applications
o The Hippo Signaling Pathway
o Histone Lysine Methylase Complexes
o Histone Modifications
o Histone-Modifying Enzymes
o Histone Readers
o HIV-1 Proteins
o Homologous Recombination in DNA Double-Strand Break Repair
o The Hormonal Control
of Food Intake
o Hormones
of the Gastrointestinal Tract
o Hox Gene Regulation
o Human Biomedical Genomics
o The Human DNA Methylome in Health and Disease
o The Human Microbiome
o Hypoxia-Inducible Factors
o Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors
o Immunometabolism
o Import and Sorting
of Mitochondrial Proteins
o Imprinted Gene Clusters
o Inositol Phosphates
o Inflammasomes
o Innate Lymphoid Cells
o Insulin/IGF1 Signaling
o Insulin Signaling Pathways
o Integrated Type 2 Immune Responses
o Interactions between B Cells and T Cells
o Interferon Signaling
o The Intestinal Crypt
o Intraflagellar Transport
o Intrinsic Structural Disorder
o Ion Channels and Pain
o iPSCs-The First Decade
o Key Advances in hiPSC Disease Modeling
o Key Numbers in Biology
o Kinase Inhibitors I
o Kinase Inhibitors II
o Light Microscopy
o Lipid Droplets
o Lipid Kinases and Phosphatases
o Lipid Kinase and Phosphatase Reaction Pathways
o Local Protein Translation in Dendrites
o Lung Cancer Models
o Lysine Methylation beyond Histones
o Lysosomal Storage Diseases
o Macroautophagy
o Macromolecular Machines
o Macropinocytosis
o Mammalian Rab Proteins in Endocytic Trafficking
o Mammalian Sirtuins
o Mammalian TRP Channels
o Mass Spectrometry for Protein and Proteome Ana
o Mechanical Forces in Development I
o Mechanical Forces in Development II
o Mechanosensing Matrix
o Medulloblastoma
o Melanoma
o Membrane Curvature Sensors and Generators
o Messenger RNA Modifications
o Microglia in Disease
o MicroRNAs in Cancer
o Microtubule Regulators I
o Microtubule Regulators II
o Mitochondria
o Mitochondrial Architecture
o Mitochondrial Dynamics
o Mitochondrial Nucleoid
o Mitochondrial Quality Control
o Molecular Chaperones, Part I
o Molecular Chaperones, Part II
o Motile Cilia
o Motor Proteins in Spindle Assembly
o Mouse piRNAs, PIWI Proteins, and the Ping-Pong Cycle
o Mouse Primitive Streak
o mTOR Signaling
o mTORC1 Signaling at the Lysosomal Surface
o Multiple Myeloma
o Necroptosis
o Network Motifs
o Neural Crest
o Neural Pathways that Control Feeding
o Neuroligin-Neurexin Complexes
o Neuromodulation
o Neuromuscular Junction
o Neuronal Regulation
of Aging
o NF-?B Signaling Pathways
o N-Glycosylation Processing Pathways across Kingdoms
o Niche Determines Adipocyte Character I
o Niche Determines Adipocyte Character II
o Noncanonical Inflammasome
o Noncanonical Wnt Signaling Pathways
o Non-coding RNAs and Metabolism
o Nonhomologous DNA End Joining (NHEJ)
o Nonmotor Proteins in Spindle Assembly
o Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay
o Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
o Notch Signaling Pathway
o NR Coregulators
o The Nuclear Envelope I
o The Nuclear Envelope II
o Nuclear Receptors I
o Nuclear Receptors II
o Nuclear RNAP II Transcript Modification
o Nuclear Transport
o Nucleic Acid Helicases and Translocases
o Nucleic Acid Immune Sensors, Part 1
o Nucleic Acid Immune Sensors, Part 2
o Nucleo-cytoskeletal Interactions
o Nucleotide Excision Repair
o O-Glycosylation Pathways across Kingdoms
o Olfactory Classical Conditioning
of Drosophila
o Optical Control and Imaging
of Brain Activity
o Organizational Principles
of the Postsynaptic Proteome
o Origins
of DNA Replication
o Osteoimmunology
o p38 MAPK Signaling
o p38 MAPK Substrates
o p53 Posttranslational Modifications
o Pain Perception
o Pancreatic Cancer
o Pathobiology
of Alzheimer's Disease
o Pathogenesis
of Parkinson's Disease
o Pathways
of Antiviral Innate Immunity
o Pattern-Recognition Receptors
o Phosphoregulation
of Mitosis
o Physiology
of Insulin Signaling
o Plant Immune Response Pathways
o Pore-Forming Toxins
o Posttranscriptional Gene Silencing
o Prostate Cancer
o Protein-Protein Interaction Networks
o PTEN Signaling Pathways
o Ras Signaling
o Reactive
oxygen Intermediates (ROI)
o Receptor Dynamics at Plastic Synapses
o Renal Cell Carcinoma
o Renal Cell Carcinoma
o Replication Timing
o The Replisome
o Retinoic Acid Signaling
o Resident Memory T Cells
o Rho Family GTPases
o The RNA Exosome
o RNA Structure Probing Techniques
o Root Development
o S-Phase Entry and Exit
o The Segmentation Clock
o Selective Autophagy
o Sensing and Signaling by Cilia
o Signaling in Symbiosis
o Single-Molecule Fluorescence
o Sirtuins, NAD, and Aging
o Small RNA-Mediated Epigenetic Modifications (2
o Small RNA-Mediated Epigenetic Modifications (2
o SMC Protein Complexes Part I
o SMC Protein Complexes Part II
o Spectroscopy and Single-Molecule Manipulation
o Spinal Cord Development
o The Splicing Regulatory Machinery
o Spliceosome Dynamics I
o Spliceosome Dynamics II
o Spliceosome Dynamics III
o Splicing Alterations in Cancer
o Stem Cell Niches
of the Drosophila Test
o Stress and Disease
o Subcellular mRNA Localization
o The SUMO System
o Talin and the Modular Nature
of the Integrin A
o T Cell Exhaustion
o TCGA-Analyzed Tumors
o Telomeres and Telomerase
o The TGFß Pathway Interactome
o Tight and Adherens Junction Signaling
o Timescales in Cell Biology
o Tissue Clearing
o Transcription Elongation
o Transcription Regulation: Pausing
o Tumor Angiogenesis
o Types
of Ubiquitin Ligases
o Unconventional miRNA Functions
o The Unfolded Protein Response
o var Gene Expression in the Malaria Para
o Vertebrate Transposons
o Viral and Eukaryotic Protein Fusogens
o Wnt/ß-Catenin Signaling

Reference: CELL