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Editor's choice A host of programs and alternative programs
Windows performance Improve Windows performance
View all Windows setting in a folder To view all Windows program create a folder on desktop named ““Settings.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}”


AI writer
RTX AI Team creation by AI to achieve tasks normally fullfilled by multiple individuals AI creation of presentation and design templates
Bigjpg AI image enlarger Produce brand logos Copy faster with AI Upscale and enhance image Your design assistant
Lumen5 Build video for marketing, leadership and awareness
TOPAZ lab Enhance your videos by AI
Myheritage Animate and improve photos
Mixamo Explore animations that can be transferred to your own character Upscale and enhance image Your design assistant
Lumen5 Build video for marketing, leadership and awareness
Myheritage Animate and improve photos
Namelix Generate business names
Pfpmaker Make profile images AI writer and content generator-Check for plagirism
Ryterai AI writer and content generator
Simplified AI writer and content generator
Unrealengine Generate 3D worlds
Uniengine Generate 3D worlds
Blender Generate 3D worlds
AI generated voice AI voices
Ambient sounds Ambient sounds
Create sounds Tool for creators of sound
YouTube Studio Studio audio library  
Text to speech
Canva Text Writing Speech Text Writing Speech
Copy.AI Text Writing Speech AI Text to speech (Great program)
NeuralText Text Writing Speech
QuillBot Text Writing Speech
Softtonic Text Writing Speech
Sonic Text Writing Speech
Synesthesia Text Writing Speech Text Writing Speech
WellsaidLabs Text to Speech
WordTune Text Writing Speech
AutoDraw Drawing program
Coolors Choose from a host of color palettes
Canvas Draw online
nvidia Canvas Studio Use AI to turn simple brushstrokes into realistic landscape images
nvidia Ominverse 3D simulation platform, built for collaboration and real time physically accurate simulation
Paint 3D Paint in 3D
Adobe Duotone Create duotone with Adobe duotone effects
IconScout Free vector drawing
Inkscape Free vector drawing
RawPixel Free vector program and images
Draw on PDF for collaboration
DrawBoard Draw on PDF for collaboration
PDFescape Provides annotation and editing of PDFs
Image Library
FreeImages Image library
Freepik Free graphics
Pexels Image library
Pixabay Free copyrighted images
Image Editing
Deepart Turn photos to art Enhance images and increase resolution
Photopea Similar to photoshop on line
Explee Create animation
Krita Animation program
Myheritage Animate images
Video Library
Audio library  Audio library of YouTube
Fiverr Short Videos online
Freevideo Free copyrighted video
Storyblocks High quality Video and Sound - Free Trial
Videezy Free copyrighted video
Make Video
Canva Audio and video, Poster, Presentaton, Logo, flyer
Descript Podcast, Video edit, screen recording, transcription
Fxhome Video making AI generation of video
Vidnamipro Make videos (Great program) – Free Trial
Wave Video making
Wevideo Online video editor
Remove background from image Remove image background
Install programs for a new computer
Ninite Get all up to date program when installing on new computer (excellent)
10 minute Email
10minutemail Get Email for 10 minutes
Word to HTML and HTML to PDF
Pdfcrowd HTML to PDF online
Wordhtml Word to HTML online
Sync Files
Freefilesync Sync files in two different paths
Cast Cell phone to PC
Letsview Cast Cell to PC
Screencasting and productivity suite
Libreoffice Free and open-source office productivity software suite
Obsproject Free, open-source, and cross-platform screencasting and streaming app.
AlternativeTo Provides alternatives to common programs Alternative programs to trendy programs
Blackmagicdesign Professional audio and video editing; Color grading and audio
Camelcamelcamel Allows to see history of purchases from Amazon
CrystalDisk A complete readout of all computer's SMART information, Dictate
Doesnotexist Generates images of people who do not exist and hence there is no copyright
G2 See reviews on softwares
GetHuman Allows customer service numbers to be retrieved for companies
Github Utilities for power users
Haveibeenpwned See whether Email is compromised
Hear-it Assess hearing Restore old pictures and colorize them Retrieves subscribed journal articles
Mockaro For coding elements such as time and date into website Check website information
Noises Create an ensemble of nature sounds
Pickawinner Select winner for a YouTube video Publish poll and embed the poll in webistes
Printerfriendly Makes web pages print ready by removing ads
Qttabbar.wikidot Make Tabs for Explorer
Socialblade Tracks social media statistics and analytics
Thispersondo Generates images of people who do not exist and hence there is no copyright
Timeanddate Retrieve the dates and times of different zones
Tosdr Terms of service of various sites explained in detail
VidIQ Find how to monetize YouTube videos by analysis of others
Webarchive See archives of webistes for last few years