[Frontiers in Bioscience 1, d30-47, March 1, 1996]


Alberto Ortiz, Silvia González Cuadrado, Corina Lorz, Jesús Egido.

Division of Nephrology. Fundación Jiménez Díaz, Universidad Autónoma, Madrid, Spain.

Received 12/01/95; Accepted 01/26/96; On-line 03/01/96

Key Words: Kidney, Apoptosis


1. Abstract
2. Renal disease and cell number
3. Apoptosis and programmed cell death
3.1 Extracellular factors in the regulation of apoptosis
3.1.1 Survival factors
3.1.2 Lethal factors
3.1.3 Interaction of survival and lethal factors
3.2 Intracellular regulators of apoptosis
3.2.1 Sensors and triggers Receptors that mediate cell survival and associated proteins Receptors that mediate apoptosis and associated proteins Transcription factors
3.2.2 Effectors
3.2.3 Survival proteins and regulatory factors Survival proteins Regulatory factors that promote apoptosis Antiapoptotic regulatory factors
3.2.4 Other apoptosis related factors: clusterin
4. Apoptosis in the kidney
4.1 Role of apoptosis in renal disease
4.1.1. Apoptosis as a mechanism of depletion of intrinsic renal cells.
4.1.2. Apoptosis in the regulation of inflammation in kidney diseases Can apoptosis cause inflammation? Regulation of inflammation by apoptosis.
4.1.3 Apoptosis and the immune response
4.2. Expression of apoptosis genes in renal disease
4.2.1 Glomerular injury
4.2.2 Acute renal failure
4.2.3 Chronic renal atrophy and renal fibrosis
4.2.4 Polycystic renal disease
4.2.5 Kidney development
5. Perspectives for modulation of apoptosis in the therapy of renal diseases
6. Acknowledgments
7. References
8. Entire manuscript