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  • Subscription type: Frontiers in Bioscience offers two types of subscriptions; Print and Electronic.
  • Price: Prices are calculated for the subscription type that is chosen by the subscriber. Prices shown are for an individual journal or for all three journals together (Frontiers in Bioscience 360, formerly Total Access).
  • Rates: Rates are subject to change without notice. Rates are quoted in $US. 
  • Document delivery: Document delivery companies can subscribe to FBS to deliver documents to their clients by mail, fax or electronic means. Inquire about the required license. Price is $28/doc. Send request to

  • Subscription agency: 2% discount is offered to subscription agents for 5 simultaneous new subscriptions and %4 to those with over 5 new simultaneous subscriptions per year.
  • Payment: Pre-payment is required. Forms of acceptable payment are check or money order (mail to 20 Sunset Cove, Newport Coast CA 92657) or credit card (send request to For direct deposit, please request an invoice that has the required information for direct deposit by writing to

  • Cancellation policy: Subscription may not be canceled and subscription fee is not refundable.

PRINT JOURNAL Available Issues

  • Custom printing: Issues are printed black and white on glossy paper with a soft cover. Subscriptions for custom printing are not offered on a per year basis. Any published issue of Frontiers in Bioscience may be ordered separately at any time. Unpublished issues may be ordered by request. Requests for custom print journals should be sent to Upon such a request, the requester will receive an invoice. Invoice should accompany check payments. All issues are available for ordering. Contact this office in January to order January issues and in June for ordering June issues of current year.

  • Dates: Custom printing is done in May for the January issues and in August to Dec for those published in June. Other custom orders for previous years are shipped in 6-8 weeks.
  • Cost: Each issue (1996-present) is $676 per issue. Annual subscription is $7995 for up to 10 issues. Issues are printed black and white on glossy paper with a soft cover in color.
  • Shipping charge (max 4 issues): $125 in the US, $245 outside US, $295 for Australia. Optional insurance: $295.



1996-present $1995/Any Year

WEB PDF ACCESS Single Site, Single Journal, Single year. Any year
  Academic   Corporate  
1 (Individual subscription) $295   $495  
500-1,000 $2395   $2795  
1,000 – 2,999 $2,900   $3,300  
3,000 – 11,999 $3,400   $4,200  
12,000 – 25,000 $4,300   $4,800  
25,000 – 40,000 $5,300   $5,800  
> 40,000
$6,300   $6,800  
ADDITIONL OPTIONS Single Site, Single Journal, Single year. Any year
  Academic   Corporate  
HTML files with links, Current year $995   $1295  
Multi-Site Access $295/Site   $395/Site  
Remote by username and password
$895   $895  
ARCHIVAL ACCESS From 1996 to previous year. Does not include current year
  Academic   Corporate  
Archival HTML with links + PDF
$1995   $2495  
  Academic   Corporate  
PDF FILES + HTML with links + Archival Access
$7995   $8995  

  • Subscription interval: Subscriptions for electronic access starts on Jan 1 and ends on Dec 31 of each year. This includes current or archival subscriptions.

  • Access: Electronic access is via IP and optional username and password combination. Electronic on line subscriptions do not include a paper copy of the journal. A fixed IP is requied for IP access. If a fixed IP access is not available, only a username, and pasword combination can be provided for access.
  • Remote Access: Optional access by username/password combination is available for remote access.
  • Archival access: Archival access can be obtained independently of subscription for current year. Access starts on Jan 1 and ends on Dec 31 of each year.
  • Article display: Articles are displayed in PDF or HTML with link format. The PDF files are high resolution files and because of their size require a T1 line, Cable, DSL access or a similar service. See PDF sample at 

  • Discounts: During the year, the first time institutional subscribers will receive a discount for PDF file access. Inquire about the discount at the time of subscription. Subscriptions received prior to Oct 30 will be activated on Oct 30 and those received prior to Jan 1, will be activated on Jan 1 of each year. Discounts expire and may not be renewed.
  • Multiple sites: A single subscriber site might be composed of multiple campuses in the same location. Multiple sites are not physically located in the same location.
  • FTE: Full Time Equivalent includes all full time employees including faculty members & researchers. Subscribers become licensee of the Frontiers in Bioscience and access will be provided to the employee of the licensee by IP address authentication. Continuous subscription is required for continuous access.
  • IP address registration: IP address registration or change of IPs will be done by the representative of the subscriber unless the option for IP address registration or change of IP is selected at the time of subscription.
  • Stat reports: Stat reports for electronic subscribers are available throughout the year. Subscribers can receive invoices online, pay online, modify their profile or amend their IPs on line. Each user can login to the “Subscription Management Panel at