Rights and Permissions

Educational Use

Frontiers in Bioscience grants permission to all authors, readers and third parties of educational nature to reproduce and use published material and online resources as part of another publication or entity. This permission is granted free of charge provided that:

      1. There is no charge, submission fee, royalty, honorarium, or any other monetary rewards for the use of the figure by the author, user, website, publisher, organizer or any other entity using the material.
      2. The material is properly credited by including citing the source within the text or legend and including the full citation of the article in the reference section of educational material. When available, the DOI link should also be provided. If reproduced in CD format, the reference should be included in the same page that the material is included. If reproduced on a website, the reference should be linked to the article published in the Frontiers in Bioscience. Users who do not know the URL of the link can request it by providing the citation in an email to fbs@bioscience.org.
      3. If used online, the use should be for a timeline not longer than 1 month. The educational use includes, for example, the use of a figure, table or text in a presentation, another article, a book chapter, newsletter, thesis, dissertations, classroom material, academic course, academic conference material, training material or posting of an abstract on a website. If your use complies with the above guideline, you do not need to obtain permission from Frontiers in Bioscience for the use of material.

However, if in doubt or if the use does not comply with the above guideline, please proceed below to provide the use of the item.

Commercial Use

If the use of the material does not fall within the guidelines provided above (as “educational use”), then, the use requires a license and payment of an assessed fee. The license enables the user to reproduce the material. If your use falls within this category, please provide the following:

Name of publisher
Name of requester
Citation of manuscript
Figure number
Number of use
Electronic use
Is product for sale.
If yes
Value of product
Number of product