There is no qualifications that is required to register as a requester.


To qualify to register in this site, the following requirements should be met

– Education: You need to have acquired your PhD or MD degree. Post-doctoral fellows are eligible to participate.

– Training: Special training increases the chance of you being matched with Requesters. Post-doctoral fellows are eligible to participate.

– Expertise: Although special expertise is not required, having expertise in specific niches in medicine and bioscience adds to the likelihood that you are matched with Requesters.

– Grants: If you have obtained peer reviewed grants, you are more likely to get matched with Requesters.

– Publications: If you have a large number of publications, particularly, in high impact journals, you are more likely to get matched with Requesters.

– Regulations: Since you are offering your services, equipments, intellectual properties or other assets of your lab, you might be required to obtain clearance from your department chairperson or institution or other entities. It all likelihood, you can not participate if you have dedicated your fulltime to a grant or number of grants and have no free time. Your institution or grantor might also have restriction on use of the equipment. Please check, if necessary, with those who can provide you with conditions that must be met for you to offer your services, equipments or other properties. However, if you are the owner of the property or you offer these services outside your normal work hours, you might be permitted to receive funds from others.

– Donation: You need to tell a convincing and compelling story about you, your work and why you need to receive donations. The donors might be philantropists

– Payments: You can decide to receive your fund either through PayPal or by check. It is important that if you insure that you can receive funds on behalf of your laboratory, your institution or personally. Please also note that the funds that you might receive are considered income and might be subject to taxes if you are receiving it through your institution or personally.

– Contractual agreements: When another person or entity in interested in what you offer, you are free to accept or reject such a request for a variety of reasons, for example, you might be taking vacation, are on a sabbatical, etc. However, please note that when you accept a “Request Ticket”, you have agreed to two contractual agreements.

The first agreement is between you and the Frontiers in Bioscience. Under this agreement, you agree to provide a service to others and to allow Frontiers in Bioscience to collect fund on your behalf and then receive the funds from Frontiers in Bioscience. Under this contract, you agree to enter to a transaction with others and you will keep Frontiers in Bioscience free and clear from your contractual agreement with third parties. Also, you agree not to make additional future agreements with the same entity outside the realm of the agreement that you have made with Frontiers in Bioscience and you will continue to use this platform for such subsequent contracts.

The second agreement is between you and with another person or entity. This contractual agreement entails for you to offer a service to others for a fee. Thus, if you have special requirements, please include them during registration so that others who view your profile can decide whether to accept them.