The process of finding collaborators or finding an item or service from a provider is easy and entails a few simple steps. If you are a provider and are listing items or services, you have the option to enter these for no fee as a collaboration or request a payment for that item or service.

Register: If you are a provider of an item or service or intend to use an item or service, please register as a provider or as a requester.

IP (Internet Protocol): An Internet Protocol address is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. An IP address serves two main functions: it hosts or networks interface identification and location addressing. IP is an Internet protocol that designates each computer with a defined number comprised of four units from to Thus, each computer has an IP within this range. At the time of registration, we are providing you with the opportunity that you store the range of IP addresses of the computer(s) that you wish to use to access the site. This allows you or others within the registered IP address range to access the site without the need to login with username and password combination, each time that the site is visited. If you do not know the IP of your computer, you can go to “” to see the IP address of the computer that you use. If you wish to register one computer with one IP, you can enter the same IP in the “start” and “end” IP query boxes during the registration process. Please note that universities and companies offer fixed IPs that do not change with time. However, if you intend to use a computer with a dynamic IP which changes periodically, access based on IP does not work since upon the change of the IP, the access is lost. Thus, it is important that you get a username and password combination so that you can always access the site from a computer that is not recognizable by its IP.

Monetize: If you are a provider of an item fill out the form for monetization of an item or for providing a service.

Requester: If you are interested in an item or service, search and find the item or service, fill the form and submit.

Provider: As a provider of an item or service, you will receive a request as an Email that includes the description of the item or a service that is requested from you. Please login to your dashboard within 72 hours and either accept or reject the request. As a provider, you are not obligated to accept any of the requests that you may receive.

Notification of acceptance of a request: If you are the requester, you will receive a rejection or acceptance of your request within 72 hours from a given provider. There is no limit in how many requests you can submit. You may submit multiple requests at any given time.

Payment for a request:
 As a requester, once you receive an acceptance from a provider, you can login to your dashboard and arrange payment for the item or service by credit card. You will receive a server receipt and subsequently by Email, you will receive the contact information of the provider so that you can arrange for receiving the item or service from the provider.

Receiving a payment: If you are a provider, and you have accepted a request and the requester has paid for the service, you will receive a notice of a pending payment. Please login to your dashboard and arrange for receiving payment by credit card or by check. You will also receive the contact information of the requester so that you can arrange for mailing an item or for providing the service.