Genes that inhibit stress induced senescence

Entrez ID Symbol Method Used To Cause Senescence Cell type Cell line Cancer Line
231 AKR1B1 Knockdown, Overexpression Keratinocyte HaCat Yes
55729 ATF7IP Knockdown Lung fibroblast IMR-90 No
644 BLVRA Knockdown Fibroblast Primary cell No
672 BRCA1 Mutation Breast cancer HBL100, HCC1937, MCF-7 Yes
2146 EZH2 Knockdown Gastric cancer SGC-7901 Yes
3309 HSPA5 Knockout, Overexpression Ovarian cancer A2780 Yes
3316 HSPB2 Knockdown, Overexpression Breast epithelial MCF-10A, MCF-7 No
3768 KCNJ12 Knockout Breast cancer, Gastric cancer, Prostate cancer DU145, LNCaP, MCF-7, MKN74, PC-3, SK-BR3, SNU-484, SNU-638, SNU-668, T47D Yes
4170 MCL1 Knockdown, Overexpression Colon cancer HCT116 Yes
59277 NTN4 Knockdown, Overexpression Glioma T98G, U-251MG, U-87MG, U-U118MG Yes
6714 SRC Overexpression Fibrosarcoma HT1080 Yes
10460 TACC3 Knockout Breast cancer MCF-7 Yes
Reference: HAGR