Special Issues of Frontiers in Bioscience
A unique online resource

We are in the process of assembling the largest Encyclopedia of Bioscience and Medicine. This collection contains manuscripts written by the most authoritative scientists in different fields of biology and medicine. All manuscripts are peer reviewed and are of high impact. Already, Frontiers in Bioscience is a major resource for scientific information and is one of the most eminent resource on the web for obtaining the latest information in scientific advancement. Of course, this would not have be feasible without an orchestrated effort of so many dedicated scientists who manage a part of the process.

Over 750 managing editors are contributing towards the creation of this platform, developing unique special issues dealing with specific subjects. A special feature of the Encyclopedia is that its contents are kept up-to-date by our managing editor team and their elite group of contributing authors; each manuscript will be periodically revised by the authors and then will be peer reviewed. Each special issue includes 5-30 manuscripts authored by individuals recognized for their seminal work in diverse fields of biology and medicine. The encyclopedia currently holds over 5,500 published manuscripts. This unique resource will remain as a renewable scientific platform for all scientists. The topics of special issues of the encyclopedia are, by and large, those funded by NIH, NSF and other funding agencies. Thus, in essence, manuscripts published in the special issues of the "Encyclopedia of Bioscience" are mostly reflective of lifetime achievements of scientists in their own specialized fields in medicine or bioscience.

If you are interested to participate as a managing editor or author a paper for a special issue, please send us an Email at fbs@bioscience.org